Itinerary – 27 Day Fremantle to Wyndham


odyssey_expeditions_itinerary_vansittart_bay_day_1Day 1

Today your journey north to the port of Broome begins. Our crew are looking forward to meeting you. After a safety briefing and introduction we will depart from Sardine Wharf at 9.00am.
You may wish to stroll around the decks, enjoy the fresh sea air or just sit back and relax while observing our coastal beaches drift by as we start our journey north passing northern suburbs and towns of Lancelin and Dongara.

odyssey-expeditions-itinerary-fremantle-broome_2Day 2

This morning we will be passing the multi-coloured shacks that are home to the many fishermen that inhabit the Abrolhos Islands. As we journey through the island passages we will make our way to Anemone Lump, located within the marine sanctuary.
After breakfast it will be time to don the snorkelling gear for a refreshing swim amongst the myriad of fish that swim at close quarters. Around lunch time we will visit the site of the wreck of the Batavia and learn about the mutiny that occurred in 1629. Moving on past Traitors Island we will go ashore and visit the sites of the defence forts and well that sustained the soldiers until help arrived. We will depart early evening and head for Shark Bay.


odyssey-expeditions-itinerary-fremantle-broome_3Day 3

Today we will be passing Steep Point, the entrance to South Passage; we will anchor close to the beach as the tenders are sent out to fish for the many pelagics that are abundant in these waters.
Some of you may wish to enjoy a refreshing swim or explore the pristine beaches of Dirk Hartog Island.



odyssey-expeditions-itinerary-fremantle-broome_4Day 4

We have a long journey ahead of us today, destination Monte Bellos Island group, so time to relax and enjoy the sounds of the ocean as the miles role by.
Perhaps a few cold drinks before dinner is served by our chef and a beautiful west Australian sunset to put close to another pleasant day.


 odyssey-expeditions-itinerary-fremantle-broome_5Day 5

Today we arrive at the Monte Bello Island group. We will fish, explore the islands and swim in the tranquil waters that these Islands protect.
We will also visit the site of Ground Zero where an atomic blast occurred in the 1950's. After lunch we will move to Aden Cove to anchor in the calm waters there.
There will be more time this afternoon to fish swim or relax as we all enjoy a splendid evening in the calm and tranquillity of the islands.

 odyssey-expeditions-itinerary-fremantle-broome_6Day 6

A full day of exploring the Island group today, with more fishing or swimming for those that are keen.
A visit to Champagne Bay is also on our list.

 odyssey-expeditions-itinerary-fremantle-broome_7Day 7

We will remain at the Monte's for another day and those keen can spend more time fishing. Alternatively we will go ashore on Trimoulle Island and survey the wreckage of the "Plim", a ship loaded with an atomic bomb, blown to bits during the atomic testing.
We will do some more exploring and see if we can locate some other items that are scattered around this island.
Later in the day we will anchor at Vodka Beach and survey the bunkers filled with the remains of electronic measuring equipment. We will depart the Monte's early evening.


 odyssey-expeditions-itinerary-fremantle-broome_8Day 8

In the early hours we arrive in Dampier.
After breakfast we will head out to the islands surrounding Dampier Port.
After a beach visit and swim we head to the outer islands for a spot of fishing.
We depart Dampier late in the afternoon bound for Broome.

 odyssey-expeditions-itinerary-fremantle-broome_9Day 9

Today is a day for relaxing onboard as we steam towards the gateway to the Kimberley, Broome, passing endless beaches and rock formations enjoying the company of our fellow travellers and crew.
Weather permitting there may be an opportunity to troll a line for a good size Tuna or Spanish Mackerel, this is good territory for Pelagics.
Tonight will be our last dinner on board Odyssey, so time to enjoy drinks together with new friends as we watch the sun set.



 Day 10

After arrival at the Port of Broome a coach will be provided to transfer you to your Broome accommodation which is provided by Odyssey Expeditions.
Enjoy Broome at your leisure for four nights staying in quality accommodation prior to re-joining Odyssey for a 14 Day Broome to Wyndham Kimberley Cruise.



 odyssey_expeditions_itinerary_vansittart_bay_day_1Day 14: Welcome aboard in Broome

Our crew are looking forward to meeting you. Your charter bus will pick you up at around 9am & transport you to Gantheaume Point where our tender vessel, “Homer” will transfer you out to the Odyssey. After a safety briefing, an introduction and a light brunch you can settle into your new home for the next 14 days.
You may wish to stroll around the decks, enjoy the fresh sea air or just sit back and relax while observing the amazing colours of our northern coastal beaches drift by as we head north passing Cape Leveque and King Sound.



 odyssey_expeditions_itinerary_vansittart_bay_day_2Day 15: Buccaneer Archipelago, Talbot Bay - Horizontal Falls

Today we cruise past Cockatoo and Koolan Islands as we make our way into Dugong Bay, here we will anchor close to Turtle Falls.  Our first expedition on Homer will be to explore Dugong Bay which, after the heavy rains of the Big Wet, has many waterfalls and excellent fishing holes.
After a scrumptious lunch we'll head to Talbot Bay and experience the Kimberley’s most amazing natural phenomenon, the Horizontal Falls, an intense tidal current that hurtles through two narrow coastal gorges, the massive tidal movement creates a waterfall effect as water squeezes through the narrow cliff passages.  Tonight we will anchor in Talbot Bay and enjoy one of many spectacular Kimberley sunsets.



 odyssey_expeditions_itinerary_vansittart_bay_day_3Day 16: Red Cone Creek - Ruby Falls- Raft Point

An early departure for Kingfisher Islands today, as we head west to Montgomery Reef. Once at Montgomery Reef MV Odyssey will anchor in turtle channel, a narrow channel that splits the reef, then it’s all on board Homer for a closer look at the reef and the marine life it supports.
After lunch we will head back towards the mainland, motor past Raft Point and make our way to Red Cone Creek. We may have an opportunity to catch some Mud Crabs before we head upstream to Ruby Falls for a fresh water swim. We will spend the evening anchored in Red Cone Creek.


 Day 17: Montgomery Reef - Sale River

The Sale River is our first stop today.  Another exploration in Homer will take us past fascinating rock formations and steep gorges to a hidden rainforest and freshwater swimming hole.  After lunch we will head further north to Hall Point for a spot of fishing before we steam past Kuri Bay pearl farm and onto Camden Sound, here we will anchor the night before visiting the historical sites of W.A.’s early explorers.


 odyssey_expeditions-itinerary-broome-wyndham-day-5Day 18: Camden Sound - Sheep Island

Today we will visit Sheep Island in Brecknock Harbour. In the 1850s Mary Jane Pascoe was laid here to rest, her gravesite now one of the loneliest on the planet.
As you survey the landscape our guide will tell of the hardships endured by these early settlers.
Heading out past Augustus Island we will make our way to Hanover Bay for a leisurely swim and beach walk before heading towards the Prince Regent River.


 Day 19: Prince Regent River, King Cascades Bradshaw Artodyssey_expeditions_itinerary_vansittart_bay_day_6

For those that are keen there may be an opportunity for an early morning fish before catching the incoming tide that will carry us deep into the Prince Regent River to Kings Cascade. Kings Cascade is a magnificent, terraced waterfall discovered and named by Philip Parker King in his own honour as he was searching for fresh water.
 For the adventurous there is an opportunity to climb to the top of the falls for a fresh water swim. After exploring Kings Cascade we will then travel a small way upstream to visit a Bradshaw art site situated high above the water on the northern bank of the river before making our way to safe anchorage and an overnight stay in the river.



 Day 20: Prince Regent River - Camp Creek

Today we will board Homer and make our way 8km upstream from Kings Cascade to Cathedral Falls. Falling approximately 75metres from an amphitheatre shaped rock formation, these spectacular falls are rarely visited because of their remoteness and tidal dependency.   With the tide on our side we should be able to sneak in with Homer for a fresh water shower before heading back to Odyssey for morning tea.
Another spot we will visit today is Camp Creek. A small trek across sand and rock will take us to a wide flowing water hole, no crocs to worry about here just fresh, clear water with small eddies and tumbling currents. After a refreshing swim we will make our way to St George Basin passing Mt Waterloo and Mt Trafalgar then heading north once again to Careening Bay where we will anchor overnight.


 odyssey_expeditions_itinerary_vansittart_bay_day_8Day 21: Careening Bay

An early visit to the beach this morning to a very historical site know as the Mermaid Tree, a huge Boab tree bearing the name of  Philip Parker King’s vessel  “Mermaid” and the date it was careened on the beach to allow for urgent repairs.
After a cooked breakfast back on board Odyssey we will depart for Prince Frederick Harbour, the mouth of the Hunter and Roe Rivers. Once anchored at the mouth of the Roe River we will board Homer for a scenic cruise upstream to a secluded freshwater swimming hole. Here at the headwaters we will stop for a picnic lunch and spend some time swimming, exploring Bradshaw Art and perhaps some Barra fishing.


 odyssey_expeditions-itinerary-broome-wyndham-day-9Day 22: Bigge Island and Mudge Bay

We leave Prince Frederick Harbour today and head north to Bigge Island. After breakfast we will go ashore to explore some ancient Wandjina art sites. Later in the morning we will head to Mudge Bay and our luck at fishing before heading to the Mitchell River.
This afternoon brings exploring on the beach walk on one of the remote beaches there. Anchored securely for the evening we can enjoy pre dinner drinks whist watching another spectacular Kimberley Sunset.


 odyssey_expeditions-itinerary-broome-wyndham-day-10Day 23: Surveyors Pool

Fishing and mud crabbing at low tide this morning then as the tide rises it’s time for a refreshing swim at Surveyors pool. After lunch we will depart the Mitchell River and head to Vansittart Bay.
Beautiful cruising as we navigate our way through the many Islands to an anchorage close to Jar Island for the evening.



 Day 24: East Vansittart Bay - DC3 wreckage - Drysdale River

We will rise early this morning to visit a Bradshaw Art site then a short journey on Homer to the eastern side of Vansittart Bay, here we will go ashore to view the wreckage of a DC3 that crash land here during World War II.
Before lunch we will depart Vansittart Bay our next destination, the Drysdale River in Napier Broome Bay. Once at the mouth of the river we will board Homerand explore further up this river system. We have a late steam to Glycosmis Bay, our anchorage for the night.


 odyssey_expeditions-itinerary-broome-wyndham-day-12Day 25: Koolama Bay - King George Falls

It’s an early steam this morning to Koolama Bay, at the mouth of the King George River. After a short journey another of the many highlights of the Kimberley emerges, King George Falls.
The view from the top of these falls is spectacular to say the least. A visit to Batman Cave is next to follow on what has been a memorable day for us all before departing Koolama Bay for the Berkeley River.


 odyssey_expeditions_itinerary_vansittart_bay_day_9Day 26: Berkeley River - Cambridge Gulf

There will be an opportunity for some fishing early this morning, for those that are keen, followed by an excursion to the Berkeley River.
At the Berkeley we will head upstream viewing magnificent waterfalls along the way before a refreshing swim.
We’ll have lunch back on board Odyssey before departing the Berkeley River and head towards Cambridge Gulf. It's a nonstop journey as we make our way south east towards Wyndham


Day 27: Ord River - Wyndham

This day has come all too quickly. We will wake as we are cruising towards the Ord River and our destination, Wyndham, is not far away. It’s time to say goodbye to fellow guests and crew members, with whom you are now friends, as we prepare to end the lifetime experience that we have just shared. After breakfast our courtesy bus will arrive to transfer you to your Kununurra accommodation or air transfer


We ask you use this itinerary as a guide only as it may be changed to make the most of your cruise. Fremantle to Broome is an open water adventure and is subject to changing weather conditions. Generally with winds from the South West the voyage will be smooth however over the ten day period different weather conditions may be encountered. Your crew will keep passenger safety foremost when operating the vessel.

The crew of Odyssey will endeavour to optimise each trip to suit your preferences and weather conditions.

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