Rowley Shoals

Cruise Information

Located 300kms from the nearest land the Rowley Shoals are a chain of coral atolls that rise nearly vertically from approximately 440 metres deep on the edge of one of the widest continental shelves in the world. Rising from the deep blue of the Indian Ocean each of the three coral atolls covers around 90sq km and features a diverse array of snorkelling and diving environments with exceptional visibility.
The Rowley Shoals are amongst the few reefs in the world that are affected by a huge tidal range. The dramatic five metre tides pour massive volumes of water in and out of the coral framework and have created unearthly and enchanting coral landscapes. The Rowley Shoals is home to an amazing 233 species of coral and 688 species of fish including many that are not found on near shore coral reefs.
Discover the pristine reefs that harbour the abundance of exotic tropical fish and swim amongst untouched coral gardens that offer protection to the Giant Potato Cod and Maori Wrasse that curiously follow divers.
Less than 200 people a year are privileged to experience the swimming pool like conditions of the Rowley Shoals Marine Park. Be one of the few to enjoy the unspoilt beauty of the Rowley Shoals as you dive crystal clear lagoons, shear vertical walls and drift dive through deep, clear canyons amongst turtles, sharks and the many species of marine life that inhabit this unique and remote area.

What’s included when you choose a 8 day Rowley Shoals adventure Odyssey Expeditions?

8 days on board Odyssey with all meals included. Our onboard chef will provide you with fresh, wholesome gourmet delights daily. If you have any dietary requirements or are celebrating a special event let us know at the time of booking and we will endeavour to accommodate your requirements. Coffee, tea, hot chocolate, a range of soft drinks and snacks are complimentary and are conveniently available at your leisure. In your room linen is provided so no need to fill up your luggage with extra blankets we have plenty on board. Hair dryers are provided in each cabin.

Airs Fills

Our 21cfm compressor prides fast fills of quality air. All fills are free whilst aboard the Odyssey.

Belts and Weights

Odyssey has an ample supply of belts and weights, you can bring your own if you choose.


Fishing is very restricted at the Rowley Shoals Marine Park; there is an abundance of fish in the waters however fishing is only allowed at Clerke Reef where we will stay for approximately 4 nights. MV Odyssey is well equipped with Shimano and Penn fishing equipment to help with your catch or if your prefer bring you own favourite rod and tackle. Our experienced crew will take you out in one of our 3 tender vessels equipped with fishing gear and tackle and help you as much as you require.

Whilst all our guest are invited to fish, Odyssey Expeditions has a catch and eat or release licence, if you catch it our chef will scale it, clean it and make a mouth watering feast of it, but no one can take fish home, just a photo, a permanent reminder of your catch.

Fishing is prohibited at Mermaid Reef.

On-Board Entertainment

MV Odyssey is equipped with state of the art viewing and surround sound systems, large plasma and LCD’s screens will keep you informed and entertained. Our DVD and CD library offers a large range of music, movies and documentaries for you to choose from.

Our open helm hosts a library of books for you to read whilst cruising, ranging from general interest novels and magazines to historical facts and publications. There is also a selection of board games that you are welcome borrow at your leisure.


All meals are prepared fresh daily using only fresh produce or your catch of the day. We cater for all dietary requirements, when booking please note down any allergies or food requirements so chef can be well prepared.





Breakfast consists of a healthy selection of cereals, homemade breads, fresh fruits and yogurt; every other day chef will prepare bacon, sausages, eggs and baked beans for those who prefer a more wholesome start to the day.

Lunch is served buffet style with a selection of delicious salads, hot or cold meats and freshly baked breads.

Dinner is also served buffet style and may consist of anything from your catch of the day to fall of the bone lamb shanks or prime rib steak cooked to your liking. Finish that off with delicious desserts like sticky date pudding with vanilla bean ice cream.

Morning and afternoon tea is also provided and usually ready for guests returning from morning and afternoon dives. Delicious cakes or savoury dishes such as chicken pate with red onion marmalade are all freshly prepared by chef.

Snacks are available throughout the day. Guest are welcome to help themselves to the bottomless bickie tin located in the dining area that is always full of chefs own baked cookies.

Coffee, tea, hot chocolate and a range of soft drinks are complimentary and are conveniently available at your leisure.

A few of our chef’s signature dishes include: 

  • Freshly caught by you, grilled filleted Spanish Mackerel served with chilli tomato, avocado & lime salsa
  • Macadamia and parmesan encrusted oven baked Coral Trout fillets with wasabi mash and Asian greens
  • Chicken liver pate with red onion marmalade
  • Fall off the bone slow roasted lamb shanks (chef’s own recipe)
  • Sticky date pudding with butterscotch sauce and vanilla bean ice-cream.

Drinks / Beverages

All non-alcoholic beverages are complimentary whilst on Odyssey, there is also good selection of beer, wine and spirits available on board. Our vessel is fully licensed and BYO is not available.

First Aid / Medical

All the crew of Odyssey hold a current senior first aid certificate and will assist you if a medical emergency should arise. As well as a general first aid kit MV Odyssey is also equipped with a Royal Flying Doctors Service (RFDS) Medical Chest; the chest contains a range of pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical items which enables emergency and non emergency treatment to be given. The consultation and support of the Royal Flying Doctors Service is available to Odyssey 24 hours a day via satellite phone.

What to Bring?

Pack simply and lightly for your adventure with Odyssey, in soft bags please for easy storage. Comfortable, casual clothing such as shorts, with cotton tops are the best for day time, with jeans and a light jumper at night, when it can be cool. Shirts with long sleeves will protect you from sunburn and light colours are cooler in the sun. Simple reef or wet suit shoes are great for trips ashore.

The following packing list may be helpful

  • Sun hat / sunscreen.
  • Personal toiletries
  • Water bottle for your personal use
  • Camera with plenty memory
  • Beach towel and bathers
  • Dive equipment and spare parts kit
  • Mask snorkel and fins
  • Glow sticks – safety sausage (a must for divers)
  • Dive log and Dive certification
  • Dive torch and spare batteries
  • Light summer clothing (typically around 30 degrees during the day and less than 20 during the night)
  • Warm clothing as the mornings/evenings can be cool, long pants and a jumper are suggested
  • Fishing gear is provided on the vessel, however, keen fishermen & women might want to bring their own lures or they are available for purchase on board Odyssey.

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