20 Day Best of Both Worlds

Mitchell Plateau to Broome to Rowley Shoals

from $14,890 per person twin share

As the Kimberley season winds to a close, there is the perfect opportunity to combine a magical Kimberley Experience with an amazing diving experience at the Rowley Shoals west of Broome.

Situated in the far north west of Western Australia, the Kimberley offers a year round tropical climate, breathtaking scenery and an unspoiled coastline. A diverse array of flora and fauna inhabit the land and waters, including the infamous salt water crocodile.

The Kimberley is blessed with a rich pioneering and indigenous history, offering visitors the holiday experience of a lifetime. Deep gorges, awe-inspiring water falls, the ideal climate and clear night skies bursting with stars, makes the Kimberley a land to be discovered.

Located 300kms from the nearest land the Rowley Shoals are a chain of coral atolls that rise nearly vertically from approximately 440 metres deep on the edge of one of the widest continental shelves in the world. Rising from the deep blue of the Indian Ocean each of the three coral atolls covers around 90sq km and features a diverse array of snorkelling and diving environments with exceptional visibility.

The Rowley Shoals are amongst the few reefs in the world that are affected by a huge tidal range. The dramatic five metre tides pour massive volumes of water in and out of the coral framework and have created unearthly and enchanting coral landscapes. The Rowley Shoals is home to an amazing 233 species of coral and 688 species of fish including many that are not found on near shore coral reefs.

Less than 400 people a year are privileged to experience the swimming pool like conditions of the Rowley Shoals Marine Park. Be one of the few to enjoy the unspoilt beauty of the Rowley Shoals as you dive crystal clear lagoons, shear vertical walls and drift dive through deep, clear canyons amongst turtles, sharks and the many species of marine life that inhabit this unique and remote area.

We place a maximum of 20 guests on board our 24 meter custom built expedition vessel "Odyssey" so you can sit back relax in style and comfort while enjoying the breathtaking scenery of Australia’s Kimberley coast. Our experienced crew are passionate about their work and pride themselves on being able to offer you a personalised holiday experience that will last a lifetime.

Rowley shoals is a remote location. A recognised open water certification is required to dive a the Rowley Shoals. Odyssey Expeditions recommends, for your safety, that all divers have maintained their dive skills on a regular basis and have logged 20+ dives.

  • Transfers between your accommodation and Odyssey in Broome. Plus a scenic Helicopter flight over the Mitchell Falls to the Mitchell Plateau landing strip and light aircraft transfer between Mitchell Plateau and Broome is also included.

  • Accommodation; A deluxe or classic style cabin with each cabin fully equipped with all linen, ample storage, a bar fridge, 240 volt power and hair dryer.

    • Includes 4 nights accommodation in Broome between the Kimberley and Rowley Shoals sections of the journey
  • All meals, breakfast, lunch, dinner, morning and afternoon teas are all freshly prepared by our on board chef. Dietary requirements are catered for just let us know when booking.

  • Beverages, complimentary coffee, tea, hot chocolate, a range of soft drinks and juices are available at all times. Alcoholic beverages are available from the bar, all very reasonably priced.

  • Excursions, carried out daily and are all optional. Our crew are experienced and will inform you with their knowledge of the Kimberley and guide you safely on all excursions.

  • At the Rowley Shoals:
    • Air Fills are provided by our 21cfm compressor. All fills are free whilst aboard the Odyssey.

    • Belts and Weights are provided by Odyssey or you can bring your own if you choose.

  • Fishing, there is an abundance of fish in the waters of the Kimberley ranging from pelagics to  estuarine fish like Barramundi or Mangrove Jack. MV Odyssey is well equipped Shimano fishing equipment or if you prefer bring your own favourite rod and tackle.
    Fishing is very restricted at the Rowley Shoals Marine Park; there is an abundance of fish in the waters however fishing is only allowed at Clerke Reef where we will stay for approximately 4 nights. Our experienced crew will take you out in one of our 3 tender vessels equipped with fishing gear and tackle and help you as much as you require.
    Whilst all our guest are invited to fish, Odyssey Expeditions has a catch and eat or release licence, if you catch it our chef will scale it, clean it and make a mouth watering feast of it, but no one can take fish home, just a photo, a permanent reminder of your catch.
    Fishing is prohibited at Mermaid Reef.

  • On-Board Entertainment, MV Odyssey is equipped with state of the art viewing and surround sound SONOS system, Two large LCD  screens will keep you informed and entertained. Our book and DVD library offers a large range of music, movies and documentaries for you to choose from.

  • Laundry service, MV Odyssey is equipped with a washing machine and dryer. Days 5, 17 and 22 of your cruise are washing days, place your laundry in the laundry bag provided and our hostess will collect it in the morning and have it returned to you clean by the evening.

  • First aid / Medical, All the crew of Odyssey hold a current senior first aid certificate and will assist you if a medical emergency should arise. As well as a general first aid kit MV Odyssey is also equipped with a Royal Flying Doctors Service (RFDS) Medical Chest; the chest contains a range of pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical items which enables emergency and non emergency treatment to be given. The consultation and support of the Royal Flying Doctors Service is available to Odyssey 24 hours a day via satellite phone.

Example Itinerary

This is an example itinerary only. All our cruises are individual due to changing tidal movements, prevailing conditions, guest preferences and what is found on any given day.
Whilst we will always visit the most iconic locations in the Kimberley, if you have a specific location you want to visit, please let your skipper know once onboard.

Light aircraft transfers are included in the cost of your cruise. For your convenience please pack luggage into soft bags which weigh no more than 12kg total per person.

What to Bring?

Pack simply and lightly for your Adventure with Odyssey, in soft bags please for easy storage. In tropical conditions, shorts and lightweight shirts are the most comfortable and loose, long sleeved shirts and long pants in a natural, lightweight fabric (e.g. cotton) offer protection against the sun. Nights are usually cool & a cool breeze will often accompany us. We dress Kimberley Casual for dinner, definitely not formal and shoes are not normally worn on-board.

The following packing list may be helpful:


  • Personal toiletries (we supply towels, sunscreen, body wash, insect repellent, tissues & hairdryers)
  • Hat
  • Bathers, we supply additional towels for excursions.
  • Camera equipment, all cabins have 240v outlet for recharging.
  • Hard sole shoes that you do not mind getting wet which are secure on your feet, reef walkers or old sneakers are suitable.
  • Casual clothing shorts and lightweight shirts are most comfortable and loose, long sleeved shirts and long pants in a natural lightweight fabric (e.g., cotton) offer protection against the sun. (Typically, around 35 degrees during the day and around 18 degrees at night).
  • Light jacket or windbreaker is recommended.
  • Water bottle with wide opening for ice
  • Small backpack suitable to carry camera equipment and water bottle.
  • Prescription drugs or vitamins, each cabin has a personal bar fridge for storing medication.
  • Motion sickness preventative
  • Binoculars (for bird watching)
  • Fishing gear is provided on the vessel, however, keen fisher men & women might want to bring their own lures or they are available for purchase on board Odyssey

Rowley Shoals:

  • Sun hat / sunscreen.
  • Personal toiletries (we supply sunscreen, body wash, insect repellent, tissues & hairdryers)
  • Water bottle with large opening for ice
  • Camera with plenty of memory, all cabins have 240v outlet for recharging.
  • Dive and snorkelling gear (tanks 80c/11.1 litre, weights & weight belts are supplied).
  • Skin suit or wet suit (3mm recommended) – water temperature is around 25oC
  • Spare parts kit that should include glow sticks, safety sausage and dive touch.
  • Dive log and Dive certification
  • Dive torch and spare batteries
  • Light summer clothing (typically around 30 degrees during the day and less than 20 during the night)
  • Warm clothing as the mornings/evenings can be cool, long pants and a jumper are suggested