Odyssey Expeditions offers affordable cruises to the Kimberley, the Rowley Shoals and Perth Swan River Charters.

14 Day Kimberley Waterfall Safari

From March until May, as the Kimberley wet season draws to an end a multitude of swimming holes and spectacular waterfalls reappear, bursting and overflowing with the waters of the "BIG WET"

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9 Day Kimberley Cruise and Fly

From June until September, Odyssey Expeditions focuses on the Kimberley coastal region situated between Broome and the Mitchell Plateau

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Speciality Cruises

Each year as the seasons change Odyssey offers extra special cruises which combine the best of north west Australia for a discounted price

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Rowley Shoals

In October, Odyssey visits the amazing Rowley Shoals Marine Park. You can be one of less that 200 that visit this fantastic location

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Perth Charters

During summer Odyssey comes to Perth waters and provides charter services for Christmas and New Year parties

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Don and I recently had the good fortune to go on a Kimberley Cruise with SYC club sponsors “ODYSSEY EXPEDITIONS”. You may have seen them and been on board last year at open day. We had no expectations, but what unfolded was 100% more than we expected. This is definitely a Bucket List item and if you get the chance it’s a once in a lifetime adventure not to be missed. If you think its lay back, relax and enjoy the scenery as the beautiful ODYSSEY cruises along, WRONG! You can do this if you choose. BUT you would then miss out on some of the most spectacular sights you have ever seen, and pushing yourself to do things you would otherwise probably never do. Climbing Gorges to see spectacular waterfalls and swimming holes, ancient aboriginal art, and early settler’s ruins (most who didn’t survive) mud crabbing down tributaries where the crocodiles hang out (the crocodiles actually hung out wherever the ODYSSEY was, either waiting for some food, or maybe one of us to fall overboard!!) visiting ruins left by a pearling company consisting of Japanese and Americans, their living quarters, left as a little ghost town with even the toilets still intact, and believe it or not a spa bath, looking out over the most magnificent views.
Of course beach landings and many of these places are not accessible on ODYSSEY, so to get there we would board the 12m people carrier “Homer” to see the amazing Horizontal Falls, the indescribable Montgomery Reef (400 square kms of reef that sits 4 metres out of the water on low tide inhabited by Giant Turtles, Dugongs and Manta Rays) the Cathedral Falls, the water wasn’t flowing and the height and overpowering magnificence of the Gorge towering above, and all around us, was like being in a Cathedral. It was so quiet and seemed to demand reverence for its millions of years reign that no one spoke or made a sound to spoil the silent majesty and awe we were all feeling.
I could go on and on about the sights but you need to see these for yourself. I also need to mention the daily fishing expeditions on board one of the two tenders, or in groups on “Homer.” Lots of BIG, and little fish stories to be told, and delicious fish meals to be had on board. Don was on every tender that went out, whether mud crabbing or fishing, he had his spot on the same tender every time with Braydon his fishing mate and crew member, and he also had a few hours at the helm of ODYSSEY compliments of Skipper Mark who enjoyed relaxing breaks whilst still keeping an eye on the his new second mate. The accommodation was more than comfortable, the crew kept everything spotlessly clean, and unless you were on a climbing excursion, bare feet were the order of the day, and you have to be clean, but don’t have to dress for dinner. The food was great, and the only things not included were the drinks, but there were a quality variety of good wines, spirts and beer, at extremely reasonable prices.
Every day was an adventure, or two, or sometimes three. Of course there were times for relaxation, having fun and lots of laughs, making new and long term friends over a few drinks. Sitting out on the front or back deck, whale spotting, or just absorbing the ancient beauty as it slowly slipped breathtakingly by. Seeing the spectacular sunrises and sunsets. I could do this for hours, enjoying the alone times. No wonder they say the Kimberley gets in your blood.
The skipper Mark, and all the crew looked after us with Tender Loving Care, and I cannot speak highly enough of them. They were adamant on most occasions that everyone join in what was going on, pushing us to the limit, knowing that you may not pass this way again, and knowing what you would miss. The age demographic was 60-80 and with the aid of this amazing young crew did amazing things.
From Day 1 getting picked up from our accommodation in Broome, the exciting two hour flight in a 6 x seater Cessna over our beautiful Kimberley, landing at the Mitchel Plateau (a primitive outback airstrip, the transit lounge a shed with three sides, and the loo abounding with hornets) and then flying in a helicopter to land on the beach at Naturalist Island to meet the ODYSSEY, and be greeted by the crew, and wonderful people we were to spend our next 9 days with. Then the adventure of a lifetime, we loved every minute of it, a modern version of a Kimberley expedition never to be repeated …..Unless of course we choose to do it again!!

Marian & Don Byhield 21st-29th July 2019

Dear Odyssey.

Just a note to say how much Marg and i enjoyed our recent trip on Odyssey.

Something in your organization is working very well. The cruise was spot on in all respects, the Kimberly coast

was stunning, the Captain and crew were excellent, and did all the extra things they made it special, the food was a highlight,

where did you find Maria. And the weather was faultless, how did you do that.

We had looked forward to the trip for some time, and it exceeded our expectations. It was recommended to us by friends.

who had done a similar cruise on Odyssey last year. We will be joining the list of people giving Odyssey a good wrap.

Best regards to you all


John & Marg Kelly   Broome to Mitchell Plateau 22nd - 30th August 2019

Dear Odyssey,
We would just like to thank you so much for the amazing experience that we had on our Odyssey Expedition.
It was truly sensational in every possible way! 
The crew worked tirelessly, always friendly and nothing was too much trouble for them.
In fact, I don’t know how they found time to eat or sleep! 
The scenery was to die for and unfortunately photos will never truly show how incredible the experiences and coastline really is. 
You really have to be there to appreciate and understand how beautiful the area is. 
We loved the early morning starts and the jam packed days. 
Every day brought new and exciting challenges and experiences. 
The walks, swimming in refreshing pools, the crabbing, fishing, whale watching and learning about the history of these remote places were all brilliant. 
And not forgetting the plane, helicopter and fast boat rides! Wow! Landing on the beach was amazing......little bit of James Bond we reckon. 
We were also so impressed with the care all the crew give to Odyssey. Such a loved, well maintained vessel. Oh, also the meals.....absolutely wonderful. Thanks to Maria and Eddie.


Deb & David Mitchell Plateau to Broome 30th August - 7th September 2019

We both had the most fantastic time on the Odyssey Cruise from Broome through the Kimberleys to the Mitchell Plateau between 2 and 10 August 2018. The Kimberleys are truly an amazing place and the Odyssey Cruise just highlighted that over and over again. We had the lot: truly spectacular scenery, amazing wildlife together with special, fun activities. The crew were superb in ensuring we all had the absolutely best possible experience, acting as both great hosts and excellent guides. Capping all this off was 9 days of delicious dining, 3 meals a day. So thank you to Odyssey Expeditions for making this all possible with, of course, a very special thanks to our fine crew of Cat, Bob, Mike, Liam and Jaydn.

Thanks again

G & J Goodsell Broome to Mitchell Plateau 2 - 10th August 2018

Hi Odyssey.

What a fabulous trip, can not fault anything. I have done a few trips overseas and within Australia and this one rates 5 Star.

The crew were so accommodating especially when I was doing the exciting excursions. Always close at hand when I needed a helping hand to manage the difficult parts, so I didn’t miss out on any of the activities.

My shared room mate was great and we got along famously.

Liam cooked like a master chef. Amazing what he turned out in the small galley.

This spur of decision to do this trip was just superb.

Thanks to all concerned.

W Kerr Mitchell Plateau to Broome 30th August - 7th September 2018

Hi Odyssey

We recently completed the May 4 – 17 Broome to Wyndham cruise and this is just to let you know that we had a terrific time. We’ve travelled all over Australia and to many other parts of the world and this trip was right up there with the best of them. As well as the scenery, fishing, mud crabbing, exploring various historical and Aboriginal art sites, etc etc, we were particularly impressed with the crew…….Brad proved to be an excellent skipper in every respect and with a wealth of really interesting knowledge about the region’s history, flora and fauna, Aboriginal culture and so on, and his people skills are excellent; Bob, likewise, is a terrific bloke with similar skills, always ready to help with a smile on his dial and, like Brad, made safety a top priority on all matters concerning the operation of the boat and tenders; Liam did a terrific job in the galley providing great meals under what were, at times, fairly difficult conditions, working from very early to quite late at night cleaning up etc……who would have thought that freshly baked bread, cakes and biscuits would have been available each day!!; Mike proved to be a really friendly, keen, eager, and helpful crew member at all times and, we’re sure, will benefit enormously from working with Brad and Bob as he moves towards completion of his tickets; and finally Susan……what a delightful young lady…..hard working, super friendly and helpful, and a real asset on this cruise…..we couldn’t have done without her.

This was a memorable cruise with something interesting going on all the time, often from dawn until dusk. You are no doubt aware that because of a highly unusual weather pattern generating very strong easterly winds off the Kimberley coast during the last 3 days into Wyndham, we experienced some pretty rough seas but all crew members are to be highly commended for the way in which they handled the conditions and passengers….a top effort all round, particularly by Brad and Bob, in terms of their excellent seamanship.

We also really appreciated the opportunity to leave our vehicles and vans at the Odyssey premises in Broome while we were away.

We would be grateful if you could pass these thoughts on to the crew and to Penny.

All the best.

P & M Braimbridge Broome to Wyndham 4 – 17th May 2018


Our Odyssey experience is still humming in our system.  One week later and we are still on ‘cloud nine’.  

Let me say that your whole Odyssey experience surpassed any expectation we had, from the first flight from Broome to Mitchell plateau, landing on the remote airstrip, being swept up by helicopter to be whisked across Mitchell falls and the magnificent Leopold Ranges to landing on the remote isolated beach by helicopter, with Odyssey moored off shore and Homer awaiting our arrival. What can I say, but WOW......nothing changed for the next wonderful, glorious 9 days. Everyday we just said WOW!

We were stunned by the expertise of the crew, their professionalism, their desire to make everything perfect for us.  Everyone of them Cat, Rob, Liam, Mike and Jayden, all displayed pure teamwork and dedication to their roles. They made us comfortable, entertained us, fed us, helped us and sincerely were a delight to spend time with.  (I have a travel industry, airline and hospitality management background) so I know what a saw was service excellence.

The actual journey aboard Odyssey will be a ‘lifetime’ memory for us both, the places we saw, the activities, the food, the fun and laughter with not only other passengers, but the crew included.  At no time did we feel that the crew were not enjoying the experience, they worked so hard and amazed us all. The attention to detail, the presentation by Cat at the end of the day, the detailed coverage of the journey, tides and destination, were 1st class.  Her management style was clearly firm but consultative with passengers and crew.  Her professionalism was on show in everything she did. What an impressive staff you have.

From our first dealings with you to our final goodbye to Alan and Barbara at the camp was simply 5star.

We have told all our Facebook friends and family, to cancel overseas trips and book on Odyssey. We are wearing your Odyssey cap and shirts on our continued journey around Australia.  I know when we finally reach home and people ask us what the highlight of our around Australia trip was, without hesitation it will be Odyssey Expeditions.!!

Hope to come back again soon, so thank you.  It was the best.

F Warnock & G Warren Mitchell Plateau to Broome 10 - 18th August 2018

Hi Dear Odyssey

Thank you so much for all the beautiful photos of our wonderful trip.

We had an amazing time from the moment we were picked up till the moment we arrived back in Broome.

All aspects of our journey were memorable and will remain our holiday of a lifetime.

We would especially like to thank your wonderful crew who took care of our every need and made each daily adventure

Exciting, challenging and packed with historical information, nothing was too much trouble and all requests were met with a smile.

Once again thank you for providing us with such a comprehensive and action packed adventure.

Warm regards

C & G Reinhard Mitchell Plateau to Broome 11 – 19th June 2018

Hi Odyssey Expeditions,

My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed our trip from Wyndham to Broome departing Wyndham 19th March.

Our crew Liam, Bob, Brad, Mike & Immi were amazing.

The evening of our beach bonfire my husband collected a piece of driftwood Sandalwood. He also collected a piece of pearl shell and has created this beautiful handmade longbow. He has named his bow The Kimberley Moon. The pearl shell has been inserted in the Sandalwood.

I’m happy for you to share the photos as you want.

Kind regards

D & G Broadbent Wyndham to Broome 19th March – 1st April 2018